12/31: Dreaming about being a writer? How to write a book (Dan Millian and Sierra Prasada)

Ready To Get PublishedHow do you write a book? CJ Liu interviews Dan Millian (author of 17 books) and Sierra Prasada (author, blogger, writer), a father and daughter team share a book that they co-wrote, The Creative Compass (http://www.amazon.com/The-Creative-Compass-Inspiration-Publication/dp/1932073655) about the process of writing a book, article, or strategic plan. The book provides an aerial view of the process of creating a book/movie/etc to give a structure and sense of the stages. Make sure to listen to the interview to learn about 2 of the 5 stages of the creative writing process. I’m not a writer and I still got a lot of great aha moments. Share with us your AHA moments through the comments below. Better yet, sign up for the class at http://www.peacefulwarrior.com/dailyom

Show Summary

DREAM : The process of writing all starts with the DREAM stage, a time to generate ideas, and being open and receptive to the creative process. One of my favorite parts of the interview was Dan’s describing procrastination and it’s a natural part of the dreaming process. My personal experience is that it’s often nice to provide some structure for dreaming and the book coaches you how to dream through 8 chapters on dreaming. In this interview, Dan and Sierra talk about ways to clarify and edify your dream like the “What if…” chapter in their book that helps you distill your dream down to its essence. We talk about the importance of the idea of “Get to Know Thyself” which is understanding who you are and how that shapes every aspect in how you write and the process you use for writing. Last, we talk at a high level about the “Your Stickiest Idea” and why it’s important to find it to sustain your passion in writing.

The last part of the interview covers editing and the 300 pages that Dan had to regrettably cut from his book. How do you let go of your sacred words in your book that just don’t fit? Last, some tips to new writers on making sure you continue writing even while reading books on writing 🙂

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About our Guest

millmanDan_prasadaSierraDAN MILLMAN is author of 16 books published in 29 languages. Way of the Peaceful Warrior was adapted to a film released by Universal Pictures in 2007. A popular international teacher and speaker, Dan has influenced leaders in the fields of psychology, health, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and the arts.

SIERRA PRASADA is a Washington, D.C.-based author, journalist, editor, and teacher. While living in and reporting on the Middle East, she gained proficiency in Arabic and wrote her first book, Creative Lives, profiling Lebanese artists. Her current undertakings include a ten-year 20th Century Project, a screenplay adaptation, and other fiction and nonfiction projects.

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