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On in 1 hour!! Toltec Wisdom – How to Let Go (Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr)

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight Lineage where a way of life was passed down through the oral tradition through his grandmother, Madre Sarita.  Join CJ as Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. shares his newest book “The Five Levels of Attachment” and how Toltec Wisdom has helped
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3/12 at 1-2PST: What is consciousness?

Where do the thoughts we think come from?  Is it simply our mind, or is there something more to it? Our consciousness is commonly thought to reside inside of us, specifically within our brains.  There are so many phenomena that cannot explain this tidy little definition.  Join CJ as she explores consciousness with Dr. Larry
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3/5: How to Astral Project? (William Buhlman)

Do you want to feel more alive? Do you want to awaken your spiritual identity? Astral projection is one way for you to experience a deeper connection to your life energy, and life itself. Join CJ as she talks to William Buhlman about his 40 years of experience with astral travelling as we discuss topics in
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