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You Can Have Two Out of Three: A New Theory of the Universe

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other night, quite an astute fellow I enjoy immensely, name Mark Naea, or, more affectionately, not Mark. With some of the time we wax philosophical, but most of the time we laugh until our sides hurt. What’s so funny? The ironies of life. The Universe.
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What Do You Do If It Looks, Feel, Smells, and Tastes Like Its Real?

Answer: Look at it and say, “This isn’t real.” Anything in your life that is harsh, painful and full of suffering isn’t real. How, then do you explain the juxtaposition of joy and pain in your life? As radiant beings of light you arrive in this world, I believe, in your highest form,
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Hhhhmmm. How Do You Move An Andara?

Answer: you don’t. It moves you. There is power in the healing properties of the stones called Andara Crystals. I spent 6 hours moving around chunks of light. Big chunks. Thousands of pounds of light. They told me where they wanted to go. They called me, told me to pick them up, and showed me
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