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Daily Shows 2PM ET simultaneously on

W4WN Radio, The Women 4 Women Network and
W4CS Radio, The Cancer Support Network

Mondays: Cancer SOS (Survivor of the Storm)
Tuesdays: Advocacy Heals U
Wednesdays: Caregiving SOS  (Sanity or Superwoman)
Thursdays: Treatment SOS
Fridays: Ladies Who Inspire

Ladies Who Inspire is a show dedicated to inspiring women all over the world. It’s a “feel good” show with celebrated author and speaker Joni Aldrich. Joni and her guests will inspire you and help you with ways to overcome obstacles, love yourself and others, and build confidence. You’ll come away from the show feeling inspired and hopeful. Listen to Joni’s show Ladies Who Inspire on Friday at 2:00 PM EST on the Women 4 Women Network, and on W4CY –etc.

Saturdays: Best of SOS Marathon 1PM – 6PM ET
on, Women 4Women Network


Sample Guest list for Joni Aldrich shows:

Cancer S.O.S.: Carol Taylor, Breast Cancer Survivor with www.Basket of

Caregiving S.O.S.: Dick Mueller, HealthNation (telemedicine/telehealth)

Ladies Who Inspire: Memorial to Denai Vaughn with Nancy Ferrari, Discover the Essence of You

Cancer S.O.S.: Elyn Jacobs, Breast Cancer Survivor and Certified Cancer Coach

Caregiving S.O.S.: Neysa Peterson, MS in Counseling, co-author of Understand with Compassion

Ladies Who Inspire: Katherine Brown, Brain Cancer Survivor, Artist, and Mother of twins

Cancer S.O.S.: Jonny Imerman, Cancer Survivor and Founder of Imerman Angels

Caregiving S.O.S.: Nataly Rubenstein, Author, Certified Geriatric Care Manager, Consultant

Ladies Who Inspire: Terri Corcoran, Caregiver and Well Spouse Association

Cancer S.O.S.: Ben Weast, Medical Family Therapist at the Duke Cancer Institute

Caregiving S.O.S.: Robert Gurinowitsch with HandyPro, Senior/Disability Home Modifications

Ladies Who Inspire: Brenda Jones, Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder of Hug Wraps

Cancer S.O.S.: Mike Lawing, Kidney Cancer Survivor, with the International Kidney Cancer Association

Diagnosis S.O.S.: Dr. Anthony Piana, Founder of Breast Thermography International

Caregiving S.O.S.: Bill Tymoszczuk, Lead Creator and Co-Founder of

Ladies Who Inspire: Nancy Ferrari, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, Discover the Essence of You

Cancer S.O.S.: Theresa Gratton, with Chasing4Life, National Disaster Preparedness Organization

Caregiving S.O.S.: Carina Cedrechi, Owner of Elderly Care Placement

Treatment S.O.S.: Tony Kay Mangskau, Clinical Trials Referral, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center’s

Cancer S.O.S.: Dr. Rick Boulay, Surgical Oncologist, Catherine Boulay Foundation

Ladies Who Inspire: Glenda Standeven, Bone Cancer Survivor, Co-Author of Choosing to Smile

Cancer S.O.S.: Lori Lober, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author of Bigger Thank Pink

Diagnosis S.O.S.: Dr. Linnea Chap, Hematology/Oncology, UCLA School of Medicine

Caregiving S.O.S.: Dr. Dale Peterson, Author of Building Health by Design

Treatment S.O.S.: Melissa Donahue, American Association of Sexuality Educators

Ladies Who Inspire: Rev. Dr. Anne Simms, Assistant Pastor of Anne Street Methodist Church

Treatment S.O.S.: Dr. Kevin Smith, Interventional Radiologist, Roper St. Francis Hospital

Ladies Who Inspire: Gina Kaurich, RN, MBA, Professional Geriatric Manager

Cancer S.O.S.: Dr. Moshe Lewis, Physical Medicine, SOMA Orthopedics Group

Caregiving S.O.S.: Frank Fuerst, Author of Alzheimer’s Care with Dignity

Treatment S.O.S.: Kelley Eidem, Author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: Dr. Emanuel Revici

Ladies Who Inspire: Vernice Armour, America’s first African American Female Combat Pilot

Cancer S.O.S.: Dr. Sujith Kalmadi, Hematology/Oncology, Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers

Diagnosis S.O.S.: David Hughes, Founder of Health Shares Groups International

Caregiving S.O.S.: Patricia Smith, Founder of the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

Treatment S.O.S.: Dr. John Wynn, Swedish Cancer Institute Department of PsychoOncology

Ladies Who Inspire: Rebecca Cagle, Breast Cancer Survivor, Certified Cancer Hope Coach

Cancer S.O.S.: Juliet Aguwa, Breast Cancer Survivor and Founder of Courage to Dare

Caregiving S.O.S.: Eileen Wilkinson, Director of Marketing at Comfort Keepers

Ladies Who Inspire: Alesia Shute, Childhood Cancer Survivor, Author Everything’s Okay Book

Cancer S.O.S.:  Ted Okon, Executive Director, Community Oncology Alliance (COA)

Dr. Richard Frame, Oncologist, Utah Cancer Specialists

Diagnosis S.O.S.: Dr. Daniel Pollyea, Director of Leukemia Services, Univ. of Colorado Hospital

Ladies Who Inspire: Juliet Aguwa, Founder of Courage to Dare

Cancer S.O.S.: Bradley Burnam, Author of The Smoke Free Diet: Waist Away and Kick Those Butts!

Diagnosis S.O.S.: Dr. Aditi Satti, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Temple Hospital

Treatment S.O.S.: Dr. Randall Wright, Medical Director of two stroke centers in Houston, Texas

Ladies Who Inspire: Carol Taylor, Breast Cancer Survivor with www.Basket of

Cancer S.O.S.: Mr. Bradley Thompson, President of Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

Diagnosis S.O.S.: Dr. Paul Bendheim, Author of The Brain Training Revolution

Caregiving S.O.S.: Craig Sim Webb, Director of the DREAMS Foundation

Ladies Who Inspire: Mary Ellen Ciganovich, Author of Healing Words: Life Lessons to Inspire