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Betsy Franco Feeney will be Leslie’s guest on Clean Green Talk

Join Leslie as she interviews Betsy Franco Feeney, author and TV personality. Betsy's second book and song, HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, has the melody of a classic folk tune with all new lyrics based on the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.
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Do you sometimes feel stressed, frustrated, and resentful when preparing meals? Do you feel guilty when feeding you family junk food? This suggests that you are suffering from a junk-filled mind.  What messages are you feeding your brain when you put food on your family’s dinner plates?  How do you feel when you send
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Discover PUFFINS! The Adorable and the Delicious! TODAY 1pm ET

  Puffins are cool, magical and they go fast! They are back in numbers, multiplying in their habitats.  We are talking about both the Atlantic Puffin colorful bird colony and the cereals named after them.  Wait until you meet the men responsible for the increased presence of Puffins in the U.S., Dr. Stephen Kress, V.
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