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A Better Life

Join Isabella and her guest Ursula Mentjes this coming Tuesday night @ 7pm PST when Ursula will give innovative goal setting techniques. Ursula Mentjes is a Certified Business Coach who specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help her clients reach their highest potential in their careers and businesses. Specifically, she has helped businesses double and triple
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Can you sell YOU? It’s easier than you think!

What's your favorite business book? Mine is You, Inc. authored by Christine Clifford and Harry Beckwith. Christine was a recent guest on Susan Rich Talks…Your Marketing Plan and she summarized why this tell-all little red book is so perfect for business owners, sales people, and job seekers alike: "People value and pay for the
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What do you hate? Tell us about it in this week’s writing prompt.

The secret is out. Annemarie hates peanut butter; Susan thinks Brussels sprouts stink. The list could go on forever: =Food (kale, sprouts, Lima beans) =Fashion (yellow lipstick and green eyeshadow – yeah, like we’ll be wearing that look) =Reckless drivers (even if it’s you, c’mon, tell the truth) =Stepping in dog poo (and
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