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It’s Wedding Season – Learn What it Takes to Become a Wedding Consultant

Tuesday, January 28 10-11am - Want to be  Bridal Consultant?  Listen to interview with  Deborah Moody, Executive Director of ACPWC - Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants Deborah began her wedding planning career in 1995, after completing her training through the ACPWC. She immediately joined the Association where she served as the Chairperson for several years,
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Solo Pro Radio talks to Glenda Show on Video tips for solos

Two-time Emmy nominated producer/writer Glenda Shaw began her media career in traditional network television. Then transitions to radio and internet video because of the interactivity was so powerful. In today's Solo Pro Radio show, Glenda shares a wealth of tips for the Solo Pro to start using video to grow their business. Here are
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Join SOLO PRO RADIO for the Friday Free For All!

The Solo Pro Experts Are talking Friday, January 13 | 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific The topic is going to be Why is it SO hard to get over Promoting YOURSELF? Do you have a mental block when you're promoting your expertise and brilliance? We all do. Join in on Friday's conversation and find out how you get
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