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How can a successful Solo Pro build a team?

Today's Solo Pro Radio show was focused on how to create a virtual team so you can build your business and grow your income. Some things we talked about include: Why you need to start oursourcing to your virtual team sooner than later What types of tasks you should outsource What ONE major thing to
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Solo Pro Radio | What to STOP doing to grow your business in 2012

This morning's show was Part 2 of a special training series for a big Business Turnaround for 2012. Part 1 covered the 3 specific areas to fine tune and this segment covered the 7 categories of things to STOP doing in your business. Those categories include: The things you do on autopilot Giving away too much access to you Interruptions,
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Fabulous Interview with Sajit Greene, Empowerment Coach for Women

Today we had a powerful interview with Sajit Greene, Empowerment Coach and Astrological Counselor for Women. Her inspiring story began in 2005 when she was a psychotherapist working at an agency. She counseled survivors of torture. She loved her work helping these individuals overcome the many challenges they faced. She chose to transition from the agency
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