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12 Healthy Habits for 2014! RECIPES. Thurs. 1pm ET

Forget New Year’s resolutions.  Forget making promises you won’t keep.  Instead begin, one at a time, to instill a healthy habit that you can stick to in 2014.  We are giving you 12.  Pick one for each month.  Gradually grow healthier throughout 2014.  Be the family that makes their doctor a stranger.  Be the ones who
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Food Shopping Secrets! RECIPES. SUNDAY. 1pm ET

When was the last time you went food shopping, enjoyed every minute, had plenty of time to browse, and came home feeling great about how you spent your money?  How many times a week do you shop?  Once, twice or are you one who goes once a month?  If you want to spend less time
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Do you sometimes feel stressed, frustrated, and resentful when preparing meals? Do you feel guilty when feeding you family junk food? This suggests that you are suffering from a junk-filled mind.  What messages are you feeding your brain when you put food on your family’s dinner plates?  How do you feel when you send
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