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Twitter Party today, for those with power!

Twitter Party today - for those with power!!! What vegetables are your Super Heroes?  What fears do your kids talk about?  How are these related?  "The League of Incredible Vegetables", just released DVD by Veggie Tales, 2pm ET, #famfoodexperts   Wait until you hear about this week's Family Food Experts Radio Giveaway Package!  See you at
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Veggie Tales Fans. Meet Larry the Cucumber in his New role, Super Hero!

In person, Veggie Tales’ Larry the Cucumber will talk with us about what makes vegetables Super Heroes.  Why they save the day!  And, if you are afraid of the dark, snakes or anything else, Super Hero Larry the Cucumber will help you overcome your fears.  Moms and Dads, be sure to have you kids listen. 
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