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The Super-Charged Hormone Diet – Results in 30 Days! SUNDAY. 1pm ET

Do you struggle with belly fat?  How about sweet or salty cravings?  Do you find yourself sleepless or combating brain fog?  How are your mood swings – do they move from low to high gear in a matter of minutes or even seconds? Are you sick and tired of buying clothes to hide your body?  If
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Do you ever feel puffy all over?  Are you wondering why even when you give up sugar you can’t seem to lose the pounds you are tired of carrying around? Are you looking for some simple answers to slimming down and feeling great?  The authors of The Secret to Skinny, the Nutrition Twins, will
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DIETS. How Healthy are they Especially for Children?

That four letter word: D I E T.  The first month of the New Year is when it is on most people’s minds.  On one hand everyone is upbeat about getting a grip on their weight and health – a new start.  On the other hand they are begrudgingly thinking of deprivation and crummy food.
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