Daily Archives: November 9, 2011

Can your intestines spring a leak?

Yes, although around here we call it having a leaky gut. First, a definition: A leaky gut can be likened to passing breadcrumbs through a flour sieve. A properly working (sieve) gut filters out (breadcrumbs) impurities, only allowing (sifted flour) nutrients to flow through. The result: Proper absorption of nutrients. Good energy. Strong immune system.
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Bone Broth: Healthy Healing for that Leaky Gut

Step aside Swansons. We have a bone to pick. Not that we don’t like the taste of your pre-made broths, or the convenience you deliver for the holidays. But sometimes, when radiant health calls, we need bone broth. Real bone broth. The kind made from bones and marrow, the kind made after hours of
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