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Susan Rich Talks…Love&Lifestyle with Liz Langley and James Swan

Sex relieves tension. Love causes it. ~Wood Allen "We've all had crazy times in love - intense or unrequited, unhappy and we want to leave it or someone leaves you - it can make you a bit bananas," says Liz Langley. Liz is the author of Crazy Little Thing: Why Sex and Love Drive Us
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WED., JAN. 11th, CAREGIVING S.O.S. 2:00 p.m. EST W4WN.com:

The illness that the elderly population fears the most is dementia/Alzheimer's disease. “Persons with dementia may be slightly different from other persons with brain injuries. Their moments of clarity are usually self-initiated, and erupt in short bursts at unexpected times. My wife, June, was still a very real, perceptive and sensitive person.” My guest
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