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Money Answers and Fitness Goals for 2015

Are you struggling financially and need more money in your pocket?  Checkout successful ways to maintain your health, nutrition and fitness goals this year. Jordan Goodman is America’s Money Answers Man and has written on virtually every aspect of personal finance. He’s a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance and a regular guest on
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The Universe Does Revolve Around You

Remember growing up as a young child, and behaving as the center of attention? Remember your parents chastising you for being flamboyant? "Who do you think you are? The Universe doesn't revolve around you!" Your answer should have been, "Yes, it does, Mommy!" While there would have been dire penalties using that answer as a
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Clean Green Talk – Paperless Office How To’s

"Professional organizers love to reduce clutter. A great way to help the environment and have an organized home office is to go paperless. When I look at all the paper in my home and office the task of going paperless seems daunting, even to a professional organizer like myself! I tackle this task as I
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Fearless Fabulous You Jan 12: Women with Second Acts

My guests January 12 are two women with distinctly different backgrounds who have Second Acts careers, drawing from their first to build their second. Along the way they have navigate their own health Victoria Barghout, Founder, Viver Heath [caption id="attachment_21043" align="alignleft" width="300"] Victoria BarghoutFounder, Viver Health[/caption] Victoria Barghout, Viver Health Founder, was leading
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Community Connection and Looking Younger

Do you need more community connection and support?  Are you fed up with looking older than you feel and ready to turn back the clock?   Markus Goldman is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Radio Host. He’s currently a show host for 93.3FM (WMMR), playing music and more, as well as hosting a public
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Shine the Light Jan 5 on Fearless Fabulous You!

Make it your resolution to shine the light! Two of my New Years’ resolutions were to 1. shine more from within and live in the moment and 2. share the light with others to brighten their lives. Lightness of being is both unburdening and giving. My guests January will address lightness in two very different ways. Dr.
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