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Solving the Whole Grain & Gluten Puzzle for You!

Should you or shouldn’t you eat wheat?  What is Gluten anyway?  What if you are not diagnosed with Celiac, but think you are gluten sensitive or intolerant?  What are your whole grain choices?  Are there any whole grains without gluten?  What are ancient grains?  Are they good; will my family like any?  How do
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At Last, Snacks Filled with Nutrition. No Junk. No Kidding! Tune in Wed. 6pm ET for the List.

When you are starving, feeling edgy and empty, instead of snacking on soda, potato chips and those deceiving sugar soaked granola bars, enjoy some fresh spring water, popcorn trail mixes, or some hummus and real food chips. Make these at home, or, if you are on the run, we have some new innovative grab and
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