10-22: Nutrition tips: Lifestyle changes that increase health

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It’s not just about WHAT you eat, but also the HOW, WHY, and WHEN you eat that have an impact on your health and waistline.  Could the extra weight you carry around merely a symptom and your body calling attention to something deeper? Join CJ as she interviews Mindy Gorman-Plutzer, certified Health Coach and Nutritional consultant on her newest book “The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps to Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can DO FOR You”.  Get book review at: https://www.fireitupwithcj.com/spirituality/show-archives/nutrition-tips-lifestyle-changes-increase-health/

Nutrition tips: How does  HOW, WHY, and WHEN we eat affect our nutrition? – Radio Interview with Mindy Gorman-Plutzer

* HOW we eat?  A few tips on how we can eat with mindfulness and pleasure? Some tips on avoiding eating with fear, anxiety, guilt and shame? Why does eating with guilt and shame affect our nutrition?

* WHY we eat?  A few tips on knowing if we are feeding our Emotional Hunger, Toxic Hunger, Craving, or a true Physical hunger?  How can we  eat when we are really hungry and stop when we are full? How can knowing WHY we eat affect our nutrition?

* WHEN we eat?  How does eating fast, eating on the run, eating while multi-tasking effect our overall health?

Author of “The Freedom Promise” Mindy Gorman-Plutzer – CHC, CEPC, AADP

_62A0921-2I went on my first diet at age 12, beginning an almost 30 year spiral into a life where days were spent counting calories, fat grams and carbs. I bounced between extreme restricting, compulsive eating and consistent purging. I judged my self worth and attractiveness by the size of my thighs.

By my 30’s, my disordered eating was the focus of my inner world and taking its toll on my self-esteem, personal growth; not to mention the negative impact it was having on my then teenaged daughters. By my late 40’s the social drinking I had once enjoyed evolved into another way for me to avoid life on life’s terms. During the same time, the rug was literally pulled out from under me when my husband of 28 years lost his battle with malignant melanoma.

Here I was, a widow, a single Mom, a woman who was numb to how to deal with feelings or the ability to ask for what I needed. I was in what I now refer to as a “black hole”, a sewer of sorts, that I had to climb out of if I was to live my life as a woman whom my children, and I, could be proud of. Determined to break free, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. What followed was a series of life-changing experiences which taught me that facing my feelings won’t destroy me, this blessed life we are given is a lesson in itself, and that how and why I eat is as important as what I eat. I learned that I need not use food OR alcohol to numb me or get me through the days and nights.

The experience, strength and hope I have gained from this journey, education in Nutrition and Holistic health, and trainings in Transformational Coaching and Eating Psychology have inspired me to create The Freedom Promise, a variety of programs which will guide you to explore your beliefs and behaviors as they relate to food and your body; and the tools and skills you rely on to get you through the days of your life.  I will share with you the proven strategies I have developed to successfully find my way back from a life ruled by disordered eating, addictive behaviors and negative self-talk about my body.

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