6/18: Anti Aging: Aging Gracefully with Vibrancy and Joy

Happy senior citizens exercising in spinning class in fitness ceWhy do we fear aging ? Do you visualize your self as a prune-like, forgetful geriatric in a wheel chair riddled with illnesses?  Maybe, the big issue with our aging is the way we have been brainwashed to THINK about our golden years.  Join CJ as she interviews two thought provoking guests, George Cappanelli author of award-winning book “Do Not Go Quietly” and Dr. Joan Borysenko, a world-renowned expert in mind/body connection. Learn how we can age not only with grace, but vibrancy, meaning, and joy. Get some anti aging tips and questions for self-reflection from leading experts in health and wellness.

Show Summary

  • How can change our negative thoughts about careers during the 2nd half our lives?  What are the critical questions we should ask ourselves about work during 40-50-60’s? What are ways a 30 year old can course correct their career trajectory?
  • What is a different way to think about death when our loved ones and friends start dying as we age?
  • How can our thoughts about aging effect our DNA? How do we keep optimistic even after encountering a medical set back? What is more important than exercise and diet for our wellness? What kinds of things should you look for in elder care?
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