Beyond the Veil: Soul Connections

May 26th 7:00 PM EST on Beyond the Veil: Soul Connections 

Topic: In Pursuit of the Divine with Special Guest Krista Gustavson

On the next episode of Soul Connections, Maggie is happy share information about a new project she has been working on. It begins with a chapter in a book anthology set for release on May 30th. The book is titled, “In Pursuit of the Divine”. 

Krista Gustavson is the creative force behind the book project and will share how this book was created in collaboration with 30 dynamic women who share real life inspirational stories as they embark on their  journey In Pursuit of the Divine. 

Maggie will share about the chapter she wrote entitled “Sacred Healing”. It is the story of Maggie’s search for a magic pill or potion to help her heal her dying body and how it ended with her knowing that healing is a daily lifestyle choice and the power to heal was within her all along.

Krista will also share information of the next phase of feminine collaboration she is organizing, a virtual weekend retreat one weekend every month starting in June. The Feminine Rising is the worlds leading community of healing Retreats for empowering a Woman’s Soul. More information about Krista and her inspiring projects can be found on her website 

Maggie is happy to be a part of this next phase of collaboration. More information to come so be sure to make time to listen to this transformative hour on Soul Connections. 

This is a very special show and will be live on May 22nd at 11:00 am EST on W4HC Health Café Live .com then rebroadcast on Memorial Day, May 26th at 7:00 PM EST on  

So tune in as Maggie and her guest Krista Gustavson shares their understanding of being In Pursuit of the Divine. 

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