Debut of Wisdom and Wonders with Jessica Costello


This week, on Wisdom and Wonders with Jessica Costello, we will welcome a truly fabulous guest. Joining us will be Shalini Bahl, and she will be talking with us about her amazing work teaching Mindfulness to the world.

Shalini Bahl is an entrepreneur, researcher, and educator committed to developing and teaching mindfulness-based programs that help people break out of living on auto-pilot to live with more ease, compassion, and creativity. She has been meditating for over ten years and her dissertation and research has focused on topics comprising self awareness and mindfulness. In addition to completing her PhD in marketing, she underwent a professional training to teach mindfulness at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health-Care, and Society at Umass Medical School in Worcester MA.

Shalini teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, an evidence-based program that was developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness in 1979. She also develops customized programs and curricula at the intersection of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and management for academic and corporate clients. More recently, Shalini has been recruited as part of the first cohort of 30 people selected to train in and promote Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence program started at Google.

Shalini has used her PhD training and experience in business and a love for technology to co-create Mindful Universe, a social networking site to promote mindfulness. This is an online community for people interested in or curious about mindfulness to explore and share resources and experiences that support mindful living. This site is based on the philosophy that coming together as a community we can promote skillful living in our every day lives and open up to possibilities of creating a world that supports the well being of all.

To find out more about Shalini and her programs you can visit To learn more about mindfulness visit or join