Firefighters rescue, serve, save our lives. They’re getting cancer at an alarming rate—higher than the gen. public. Cancer SOS, Mon., Feb. 17, 2:00 pm ET Dr. Susan Shaw

Dr. Susan Shaw, environmental health scientist, explorer, ocean conservationist, and author. Since 2009, Dr. Shaw has been investigating the impact of toxic chemical exposure on firefighters. She was lead scientist on a pilot study of California fire fighters that revealed new information about their exposure to carcinogenic chemicals while fire fighting. She is now conducting long-term research on toxic exposure and health outcomes in fire fighters in the US Northeast region. Residential fires are like entering a Hazmat area because of all the burning chemicals. There are three phases of firefighting: suppression (stopping the fire), ventilation (opening up space after fire is under control), and overhaul (many hours of work to ensure fire is really out and can’t spread, involving removing burnt structure, furniture, etc.). During overhaul process, which is longest and often has highest exposures to toxic chemicals, firefighters remove their protective equipment. Often firefighters do not wear protective gear at car fires. This is an important interview that everyone should listen to. It’s time to protect them…..1 firefighter-cancer-firehouse_10843890