Frank Lucas Creating Radiant Health

Join the Fab Four on April 16 and DR Frank Lucas.  He tells it like this. “Helping people discover true health is my 2nd career.  I established NUPRO Nutraceutical Products Company so that I could assist clients in empowering their inner genius.  Natural supplements promote health and we teach people how to use them as they were intended.

After 20 years of doing this work I’ve learned how magnificent the human body is.  Having several books on health and health care Frank helps his clients:

Cut through the health care mystique.

Provides a no-nonsense, affordable, direct path to accomplish health and healing.

Supports clients on their journey.

Frank holds a PhD for his coursework in Metaphysics and is a certified Natural Health Consultant.

Join us on April 16th with your health questions. One question can change your life.