Gluten Free can be Delicious! 1pm TODAY

spicy chicken tenders-qpr

It has taken a while, but we are here now.  Gluten Free food is more available in many different forms and it tastes delicious!  Remember when someone was told to eat Gluten free and they didn’t know what that meant?  How many times have we heard from them, “Now I can’t eat anything.”  Then the “aha” moment helped everyone realize they wouldn’t have to starve because all fresh fruits and vegetables are Gluten Free.  Oh yes, and so are poultry, fish and lean meats!

But what about bread, pasta and crackers?  Step one was to find ways to makes them gluten free.  Step two was to make them taste good, so good everyone would want to eat them.  Food companies have found ways to satisfy your palate with Gluten Free products.  Our guest, Jim Garsow, Founder of Crunchmaster gluten free crackers is a great example of this success.  Our Co-Hosts, the Nutrition Babes, Kathy Siegel and Lauren Harris-Pincus, both Registered Dietitians, have found ways to make mouth-watering – demanding seconds, gluten free recipes.  You will be inspired by both to go Gluten Free, whether you need to or not… they are that good!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen today. May 9th, 1pm ET, and See you then!