How to Love Who You See in the Mirror – FINE to FAB Show with Laura Fenamore

Join Lisa Lieberman-Wang and special guest Laura Fenamore on Wednesday, Oct 16th Live at 3pm, as they discuss “How to Love Who You See in the Mirror”

Love Who You See in the Mirror!
• Learn how to Overcome Negative Body Image to Improve Your “Whole” Life

• Learn 3 NEW Tools to Achieve a Healthy Body

• Learn how to let go of the diet/body obsession forever!

• Learn how to liberate yourself from destructive eating habits and the diet / resolution cycle

Weight Release & Body Image Expert Laura Fenamore supports women around the world to love who they see in the mirror. Through her guidance, they learn to unlock the secrets to healthy weight and to love their bodies like never before. Laura’s popular Body Image Mastery programs are celebrated by thousands of women who have released their excess weight, reclaimed their self-esteem, and went on to live bold and happy lives. Having overcome her own battle with addiction, obesity, and eating disorders, Laura released 100 pounds 25 years ago. She has chronicled this journey in her book, Weightless: The Be Good To Yourself Diet.

FINE to FAB Show with Lisa Lieberman-Wang & Laura Fenamore

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