Inner Lately – New day & time – Wednesday, April 23rd – @ 5:00 PM EST – Ask Lately!

Wednesday, April 23rd – @ 5:00 PM EST – Ask Lately!

“Ask Lately” –  Join Beth Lynch and her co-host, Reverend Sharon Shaw as they share inspiration from channelings and connect you to the light & love of those who have crossed over.   They will be taking calls LIVE this week for “Ask Lately.”

Call in live for intuitive guidance 561.422.4365 or Skype w4wnradio or chat in or send your question now & tune in to hear your message!

Thirty years of curiosity, faith and healing has brought Beth Lynch to fulfilling her purpose and passion. It is her mission to help others understand intuition, healing and the power of love.

Reverend Sharon will help liberate YOU from restriction, restraint, inhibitions of fear and limited view, which will help YOU expand into a new level of awareness. She has recognized that if you want to truly change, you must first change yourself!

Email  561.422.4365 or Skype w4wnradio or chat in Let’s talk on life, death & everything in between!

Personal, social & global issues.

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