Inner Lately – Tuesday, April 15th @ 4 PM EST – Guest Marilyn Raphael

Join Host Beth Lynch with her Guest Marilyn Raphael, a full-trance medium, has used her gift helping thousands of people around the world connecting with the other side.  She has been a full-trance medium for more than thirty years and is involved with many kinds of mystical adventures and forms of heightened psychic awareness since childhood. 

Marilyn offers classes, lectures, workshops and insight into many of the varied aspects of spiritual and psychic development. 

Marilyn has been featured on the popular national television show “The Other Side.”  She has also co-hosted and been a guest on various local South Florida television and radio programs.  Credits also include teaching psychic awareness classes in various forums in New York City, and Upstate New York.  Presently Marilyn conducts awareness classes in the South Florida area.

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4 PM EST @ 561-422-4365 or Skype: w4wnradio during the show.

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