Inner Lately – TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH @ 10 AM EST – Special Guest Greg Tharpe


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH @ 10 AM EST –  Special Guest Greg Tharpe

Join Beth and Sharon with Special Guest, Greg Tharpe –

Greg will be discussing the paradigm shift to the 4th Dimension that is taking place. Greg Tharpe is an Author, and a Spiritual Solutions and Life Transformation Master.  His thought provoking and profound spiritual insight brings a new holistic spiritual perspective of God, Self, the Universe, Truth and life which reveals ancient secrets in a new more enlightening, empowering and enriching way.  Greg’s profound practical biblical/spiritual teachings about the soul-life connection causes transformation and increased faith in one’s higher power leading to greater abundance, happiness, healing and holistic success. His mission and passion in life is to educate and inspire a higher spiritual awareness and consciousness of the divine spiritual power and potential in all human beings for the destruction of life’s negative challenges, and for the creation of a better world.

Greg’s book, “The Godsend – How to Create Heaven in Your Life” is a must read for spiritual seekers of greater clarity, truth and fulfillment.

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