Inner Lately – Tuesday, October 7th @ 10 AM EST

Tuesday, October 7th @ 10 AM EST –

Join Beth Lynch and Reverend Sharon with their Guest, Patricia Hayes

Patricia Hayes is an internationally known author who has appeared on numerous television programs including, Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries and Japan’s version of 20/20. She is founder of Delphi University and has been a leading pioneer in spiritual and intuitive development.

Her stimulating writings and teachings have inspired people globally to embrace their highest spiritual potential and surpass their limited beliefs. She will be speaking about Feminine Light Rising.  Her elevated insight guides you through a mystical experience using art and word.

Patricia’s art uplifts, expands awareness and gives undeniable evidence that we are never alone and are supported by Light in every step we take toward higher consciousness.

Patricia’s website where you can view her visionary art is

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