Inner Lately – with Beth Lynch – Wednesday, June 25th – @ 5:00 PM EST – Rebroadcast – Celebrating Midlife Women

Midlife is not a crisis….it’s an opportunity!

This is a rebroadcast of my interview with Life Coach, Debbie Davis – For women, midlife is a time of change… our bodies are changing, our families are changing as children leave home, marriages end, our parents become ill or pass away. The familiar roles are shifting and setting the stage for a new you. As midlife women, we start to question… Who am I? What do I want? What is my life purpose?  What is important to me? How do I want to spend the second half of my life?  These questions are perfectly normal….and midlife is the perfect time to answer them.

The midlife transition for women is a normal and natural process. The hormones that were once causing us to put others first, are subsiding.  This can create a surge of energy, creativity, and determination. It can also leave us feeling lost, confused and not knowing which way to turn. At midlife, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our roles, reinvent ourselves, and make new choices. My question to you is… would you like to embrace this opportunity and start creating the second life of your dreams?

Inner Lately with Beth Lynch