“The Angelic Realm with Jill Harrison”

This week on Wisdom & Wonders learn about the amazing life and work of Jill and Glenn Harrison. Jill has been receiving angelic messages since she was a very young child, and has now devoted her life to sharing those messages. Jill and Glenn have a created a beautiful selection of guided meditations that were channeled to Jill directly from the angelic realm, as well as a lengthy selection of books about the Angels. This week we are so blessed to have Jill come on and talk to us about the Angelic Realm, and how the Angels work with us to help us better our lives.   This week’s show is all about the Angelic Realm, and who better to talk to us about it than a true EXPERT like Jill? I know I am excited! This is a show you do not want to miss! Be sure to check out the books and meditations that Jill and Glenn have available on their website at www.angelguidedmeditations.com and TUNE IN and CALL IN at 225-209-6188 on Friday at 7pm EST for this fabulous show