The hunter farmer diet (Dr. Mark Liponis)

Why do some diets work and some diets fail?  Join CJ as she interviews Dr. Mark Liponis, who is the medical director of  the famous and exclusive Canyon Ranch Health resorts and a New York Times best-selling author about his book “The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution”. Dr. Mark Liponis shares the secrets for creating the right diet for the right person and offers tips for easy ways to lose weight.  Get a list of the best weight loss foods based on how you metabolize food and learn about the hunter farmer diet.

Show Highlights

  • Should you eat like a hunter or a farmer? How can you tell if you are a hunter or farmer?
  • What are the physiological differences between a hunter and farmer and how each store energy? What are the implications for the food you should eat?
  • What are easy ways to figure out which eating approach is best for you? What kind of medical tests are necessary (if any)?  What are logistics in feeding a family that has both hunters and farmers?


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