The Miracle of You

There are two ways to live. You can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle.
~Albert Einstein

It’s been easy to get caught up in the mundane aspects of life after anticipating the Holiday of this past week. Now that the guests are gone, it’s back to routine tasks. In doing so, you may fail to notice the miracles all around you. You may even fail to notice the biggest miracle of all, you.

Finding the miracles to celebrate daily is a choice. You choose to see them. The key to finding miracles is simply to look. Deliberately and consciously take your attention off what’s wrong with the world or with your life, and look at what’s right. Decide you will look for the wonder in everything, rather than wondering why you feel so blah about life.

Did you see it?

  • The quiet of an early morning.
  • The cat sleeping.
  • The children eating breakfast.
  • The rain outside.
  • Your hand as you reached for a coffee mug.

If you start thinking and behaving as if everything is a miracle, it becomes a miracle. And, life is easier, gentler, happier, and inspiring. Look at the world today from a fresh perspective. Everything is a miracle. You’re a miracle just because you’re alive.

Have you noticed how you’re energy has changed since you’ve been reading this? It’s not a joke. You are your thoughts. Why not make them positive, uplifting and miraculous? You can, instantly.

Your thoughts are like a tiny seed that can grow into a great big tree. The reason that many of you don’t reach your full potential, and fulfill your destiny is because you don’t let yourself.

In this season of Holiday Festivities, I invite you to let yourself see the miracle in being you. All you need to do is to still your rational mind, and tune into your intuition. Time spent in quiet reflection can benefit every area of your life. Greater mental calm not only provides the opportunity to be inspired, it also improves well-being, productivity, relationships, and practically anything else you can think of.

Wherever you find your inspiration, creating anything you want in your life always begins with a choice. Choose to embrace the miracle of life you are and to look for the magic in everything, and it will become easier to be filled with joy and laughter.


Joyce M. Jackson, the Sane Psychic, is Your Guide on the SANE Side. She  is a renowned San Francisco Bay Area based Psychic, Psychic Medium, Huna and Toltec trained Shamanic Practitioner, Usui and Toltec Nagual Reiki Master. She uniquely brings a calm, reassuring message in easy, simple terms for clarity to your life questions. She makes the psychic chaos clear. She delivers guidance with compassion and warmth through her ability to inspire real understanding and transformation to confused by unclear emotions and experiences. Read more and book your personal session with Joyce at The Sane Psychic.The Miracle of You

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