The World Awakened Project and Our Spirits Dance

Join Dr Jo Anne White, host of Power Your Life, and her guests Kerri Kannan and Dr. Susan Allison as they talk about consciously aware businesses and life mates and love poems.


Kerri Kannan is a Consciousness Coach, Author, Speaker and Founder of the World Awakened Project. After experiencing a feeling of Unity with the other members at a spiritual conference in 2003, Kerri was given a vision to create an online community to shift he way we conduct business. The World Awakened Project is a new model that fosters collaboration, cooperation and connection while creating win-win scenarios where the success of one is the success of all, attempting to release the competitive model based on scarcity, fear and competition.


Dr. Susan Allison is a counselor, author, and an ordained and licensed interfaith minister. She was honored as a “Woman of the Year” in California by the Santa Cruz Women’s Commission for her counseling work with adolescents. Susan works with individuals and groups to bring about healing, using traditional therapies, as well as hypnosis, process therapy, shamanic journey, and energy medicine. Her newly published book, Our Spirits Dance, is a collection of shared love poems by Susan Allison and her late husband, Thomas Hickenbottom. Our Spirits Dance tells the romantic, poignant, and at times, heartbreaking story of life mates, whose poems speak to one another across the page like love letters.


Tune in Monday, October 27th, 2014 at 8PM (Eastern) to hear Dr Jo Anne White chat with Kerri Kannan and Susan Allison to  learn how to be part of a conscious community and to share the love of soulmates.


Women4Women Network: Monday, October 27th, 2014 8:00PM (Eastern)

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