Tie a Knot & Hang On! HELP HAS ARRIVED!

CamillePhoto Tune in to my show today at 1 pm Eastern Time.  In honor of Mother’s Day, today’s show is an homage to my mother.  Mom was a wonderful singer with a clear, pure voice and I will be playing some of her music.   My mother never pursued a singing career, choosing, instead, to be a housewife and mother.  I know her spirit will soar when she hears her voice going out on the air globally.  Won’t you be a part of her audience?

Mom was not a funny woman, but she did and said things that I found funny, and so my stand-up comedy routine often revolved around her. I will be doing bits from my stand-up routine, sitting down, of course, this time, but it will be just as funny.  WARNING: It promises to be a sentimental show.  PROMISE: It will be a very funny show.  Give a listen.   You’re gonna love my Siciliana Mama…may she rest in Pizza.  (And she would absolutely LOVE that!)     winkSmile         Now don’t you fughet-abowd-it!