Wisdom and Wonders

This week on Wisdom and Wonderswith Jessica Costello, join me as I welcome yet  another fabulous guest! Joining me will be the amazing author John J Higgins! John J. Higgins is an attorney and former statewide prosecutor who has had a multi-faceted career and life. He has worked on farms, performed firearm repairs, and refinished and sold antiques, all before he finished high school. In between pursuing his college studies, he supervised industrial finishing operations and assisted in developing a powder coating system. An avid student of history and spiritual development, he lives in New Jersey in an old Victorian train station he converted into his residence. John clearly comes from a very diverse background, which makes his work ever so interesting. John is the author of a trilogy of books featuring the Archangels. His books, titled In the Beginning, In Exile, and In Rebellion can be founded on Amazon, and if you have not picked one up yet, I highly encourage you to do so. His books are a rather recent thrill of mine, and I personally cannot wait to have him on the air to talk about them, and how he was inspired to create these fantastic works.  Tune in and be ready to CALL IN at 225-209-6188.

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