Your Relationship Clock – What Time Is It?

I like to explain to clients, where their relationship is, using an analogy to a clock. If I can pick up the symbols Spirit is showing me, and describe them to clients, it’s much more effective than mere words. Spirit has been showing me time on the clock relative to couples and it explains things easily.

Each person in a specific relationship will have their own time on a clock, in that relationship. Because we are all so familiar with time and the face of a clock, this works exceptionally well for people in understanding the status of their self and the other individual. Here’s how it goes.

Six o’clock is the prized position. You’re in a wonderful, healthy relationship if you or your significant other show up at or near six o’clock. A.M. and P.M. is irrelevant.

Any time from just past twelve o’clock to six o’clock the relationship is building. Twelve to three o’clock are newbies. Three to six o’clock shows a flourishing pair.

From six o’clock to nine, indicates the relationship has issues to be resolved. With those issues, each person in this time range, is willing to work on the issues. This is a good sign.

From nine o’clock to midnight, the relationship is in real trouble. Once the clock chimes midnight, it’s over. The relationship is finished.

Spirit is just so clever. It’s a nice, neat and easily understood way to relate to clients where their relationship currently stands, as I’m shown information. From this point, I can discuss with them some steps to take, and actions to plan, depending on where the hands of the clock appear.

Most of the time, each of you know where your relationships stands. Even with the news of the midnight chimes, the clock analogy helps not only to soften the blow, but highlight the amount of time already spent on bad results.


Joyce M. Jackson, the Sane Psychic,is Your Guide on the SANE Side. She  is a renowned San Francisco Bay Area based Psychic, Psychic Medium, Huna and Toltec trained Shamanic Practitioner, Usui and Toltec Nagual Reiki Master.She uniquely brings a calm, reassuring message in easy, simple terms for clarity to your life questions. She makes the psychic chaos clear. She delivers guidance with compassion and warmth through her ability to inspire real understanding and transformation to confused by unclear emotions and experiences. Read more and book your personal session with Joyce at The Sane Psychic.

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