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Please join Isabella Stoloff this Tuesday June 28th at 7 pm Pacific and 10 pm Eastern for a very special hour on “A Better Life.” Be delighted once again when Isabella’s dear friend, Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Heather Lansky will share the hour with Isabella talking, laughing, teaching, revealing, giving a few mini-readings, and answering some of your chat questions.

Heather is a no-nonsense psychic from San Francisco. Her accurate predictions are always made with an awake, present spirit and from a place of love. Born on the Hoopa Indian Reservation, she has been blessed by clairvoyance from an early age. Heather began giving predictions and having visions at the age of 5. Today, she works with high-profile clients nationwide and has also assisted in police investigations. She also works as a Spiritual Advisor.

Here‘s what people are saying: “Heather’s spiritual counseling has literally transformed my life. Her compassionate readings felt like having a spiritual flashlight shined into my spirit.” -D. Dillon, Meditation Instructor, Shambala Mountain Center, Boulder CO
“Heather has helped me uncover and connect to my highest aspirations and goals with her guidance and unbelievably
accurate predictions.” –G. Aubel, Holistic Medicine, Mendocino CA

Contact Heather by phone at 323-547-0901, or you can reach Heather by emailing her at HeatherLansky@gmail.com

AWAKENINGTRUTHWORLDWIDE.COM   Join Isabella Stoloff , Arianna Napoli, Selena Ashley Wong, Lauren Amber Serna for UniverSoul Love, a live, Pay Per View, online event  as, together, we remember our connection to the infinite awareness of our divine nature at this auspicious time in our evolutionary process. As we shift into a more harmonious reality, we are reminded that we must open our hearts and embrace the Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves. We are joined by the energies of the Goddess’ in an interactive experience to remind us of our unlimited potential through holistic energy modalities, self empowerment, and Universoul LOVE. Only $19.97 to attend online on Saturday, July 21 at 1pm – 5pm Pacific time.

To join in Remembering our Connection to the Infinite Awaerness, register by going to the website at www.awakeningtruthworldwide.com

And, you can find out more about Isabella and her Shamanic healing sessions, her classes, events, and guided trips to Peru. See Isabella’s informative videos, and a wide range of photos when visiting the Orange County Healing Center website at ochealingcenter.com Look her up and LIKE her on Facebook, also check her out on Twitter. Join Isabella’s mailing list to see what she’s doing and find activities you can attend.

Remember to read Isabella’s dynamic new article in July’s Awareness Magazine.

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