Can you sell YOU? It’s easier than you think!

What’s your favorite business book?

Mine is You, Inc. authored by Christine Clifford and Harry Beckwith.

Christine was a recent guest on Susan Rich Talks…Your Marketing Plan and she summarized why this tell-all little red book is so perfect for business owners, sales people, and job seekers alike:

“People value and pay for the way you make them feel. They buy feelings. People want to hear how good they can be – and they want to know how YOU can help them get there.  To win their business you have to show your mastery: What you sell, how it works, how it helps. You have to articulate your specialty and how you make a difference.”

And before you get started, answer these questions:

What do I do? Find your story and tell it well.

What difference do I make? How is what you do different than anyone else’s?

Am I enviable? We’re not talking about the car you drive or the square footage of your McMansion. Christine means how you rate yourself against your competition. Are they doing something you’re not? Can you do it too, even better? If it’s enviable, meaning it can drive your business forward, go for it.

Christine’s parting wisdom: None of this matters without passion:“It’s the most important thing. Every day I get up and think, I can’t wait to see what this day will hold! I love what I do, and it’s contagious. People want to do business with me because they want that feeling in their work. Passion – it goes back to the first point: How you make someone feel.”

What they’re buying is YOU.

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Can you sell YOU? It’s easier than you think!

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