“Cher”ing “My” Smile Being in Namaste on 1/16/2012

Being In Namaste is hosted by Stacy Sossner and Rick Figley. It was started by Rick Figley, a Reiki Advanced Practitioner, Tantra Practitioner, Martial Arts Sensei and Webmaster. Rick created Being In Namaste as part of his way of sharing, as he had already begun doing over and over with others what he’d become aware of regarding connecting with the higher self. Initially his was in Reiki circles, Reiki class, Tantra Yoga classes combined with drum circles and Siddah Yoga.

Stacy Sossner had begun connecting with her higher self at an early age but was pulled away from it as many are due to outside influences. In the last year and a half as she realized the need to make change in her life, she changed her occupation to start her own and implemented mostly from her intuition, techniques using meditation, aromatherapy and sound in treatment of her clients.

When she connected with Rick via Facebook for personal reasons, it became clear they were both strongly connected to each other and to the way of living that is what Being In Namaste is about. It was a no-brainer for them to do the show together as the team that they are personally and professionally.

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