Clic Tarot Newest Radio Show to join W4WN

Clic Tarot is newest radio show to join W4WN Radio Station

Clic Tarot radio show hosted by Jeanne Fiorini debuts on the W4WN Radio Station
Clic Tarot with Jeanne Fiorini debuts on, Wednesday July 11th at 3pm EST.  A live and interactive internet radio show featuring call-in Tarot readings and conversations about what matters most in your life, hosted by a nationally-recognized Tarot author and teacher.
Jeanne has over 20 years of experience reading and teaching the Tarot.
With training in both psychosynthesis counseling and collaborative mediation, Jeanne brings a unique combination of knowledge, wit, and wisdom to her work.
* Author of “Tarot Spreads & Layouts: A User’s Manual” (2011 Schiffer Publishing Ltd. ISBN # 978-0764336294), a book which Mary Greer recommends as “one that will help you integrate the cards’ meanings in a spread better than any other I’ve seen” and which Paul Nagy proclaimed has become “a standard reference work.”
*Creator of YouTube channel TarotQueen100, a successful series of informative and instructional “Tarot Tips” — 38 videos to date and subscribers worldwide.
*Fifth-year contributing columnist for the American Tarot Association’s monthly newsletter “Reflections,” her column “A Piece of My Mind” featuring articles ranging from humorous observations about life to profoundly moving accounts of actual readings with clients.
*Creator/presenter/facilitator of online classes, webinars, and in-depth educational Tarot videos.
*Blogger, gardener, yard sale hound, proud mother and Grammie, Jeanne and the Tarot are pleased to help bring clarity, insight, and confidence to you and the things that matter most in your life.

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