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For those who go through regular screening, colon cancer is rare to non-existent. Colonoscopy or colonography can detect pre-cancerous polyps BEFORE they become cancer. Recommendations are for anyone 50+ to get screened, but what if the victim is younger?Colorectal cancer rates are rising in people younger than 50, American Cancer Society researchers report. That finding conflicts with falling colorectal cancer rates among U.S. adults 50 and older. Routine screening for colorectal cancer starts at 50 for people at average risk; screening may start earlier for high-risk patients. Overall, the rate of colorectal cancer diagnosis per 100,000 young adults has risen by 1.5% per year in men and 1.6% per year in women. The reasons aren’t clear. Rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes might be factors, and diet may also matter, but it will take more research to figure that out. Join me as we discuss this growing concern with Andrew Spiegel, Chief Executive Officer at Colon Cancer Alliance.

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  1. It wuld be ver helpful if you could provide rsource links if listeners have questions or want to lern more about colon cancer.

  2. need to mke listeners aare the wit full implementation of the Affordable Care At there will be no copay or deductable for colon cancer screening

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