Eating to get rid of stomach pain

Got stomach pain? You’re not alone.

If you want to move past the traditional diagnosis of “irritable bowel syndrome,” Muhm’s the word.

Especially if you are  Jill Muhm, a health counselor who was recently on blogger-journalist Susan Rich’s internet radio show – Rich&Gluten-Free. Jill spoke about how you can find relief from stomach pain by going gluten-free and participating in a Fall “Clean Eating Challenge.”

Here’s what we learned on the show:

There are more than 100 different “diets” out there – and we’re not just talking about Atkins or Weight Watchers. What does that mean for those of us with bloated tummies, acid reflux or general low energy? That we might be eating the wrong kinds of food — and not just gluten. As Jill put it: “One person’s superfood could be another person’s poison.” I don’t have a ready answer for anyone reading this post, except:

1. No wonder it’s so confusing figuring out “which” diet you should be on!

2. If you’re not losing weight, it could be your diet — but not in the traditional sense of the word. Sure you should give up the junk food, but sometimes the foods we think are healthy or good for us might be equally hard for us to process. Ask your doctor, ask a health coach or nutritionist. Jill says an holistic approach is key to figuring this out.

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