Guerrilla Green: Get-noticed-now marketing tips from Shel Horowitz

He’s the ultimate champion in get-noticed strategies.

And that’s not an idle claim. In the last year Shel Horowitz, copywriter, marketing consultant, author and public speaker, was cited or quoted in more than 131 of our nation’s leading publications.

How he reached this level of success — and how others can do the same — was the subject of Get Noticed Now, an internet radio show hosted by Susan Rich.

First, Shel explains, you have to connect with reporters; find out what they are writing about. You do this by reading the rest of the article.

Do you need to Get Noticed Now?

Who doesn’t? It’s a fun show, full of lively talk and do-it-now advice.
It’s hosted by Susan Rich, get-noticed-now marketing expert.

You can tune in again 11 am EST every Thursday.
Got a question? Call in: 561-422-4365

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