Halloween Tricks AND Treats…with a Healthy Twist!

Halloween Tricks AND Treats…with a Healthy Twist!

How do you keep your little ghosts and goblins from overdoing it this Halloween?  Make it fun and sneak in some healthier items…they’ll never notice!  Candy is an important part of Halloween and should be included, just keep it in moderation!  We have NutritionBabes Tricks AND Treats that we use with our own kids.  Try a few this Halloween, it’s sure to be a screaming event!

Start the day off right

Set up the day leading to the big event with healthier choices including fiber packed and protein packed foods!  Send the kids off Trick or Treating with a healthy dinner or snack. Well fed kids are less likely to want to snack along the route. Cut up fruit and vegetables in fun Halloween cups with a yogurt dip.  Put out cheese and crackers, popcorn, whole grain pizza bagels or whole wheat cheese quesadillas.  Make it festive and fun!  Leave these items out upon their return; kids will work up quite an appetite while collecting their sugary loot.  Safety is the biggest concern!  Establish a rule that all candy and snacks must be checked by an adult before anything can be eaten.

Surprise your Trick-or-Treaters

Kids will still be excited over non-candy items, but choosing wisely you can incorporate sweets.  Look for bite size treats and suggest your guests each take one.  Implement some alternatives to traditional sugar-laden finds and offer a variety to satisfy all ages. Consider providing items such as:

rubber spiders
vampire teeth
jars of “slime”
tiny decks of cards
bouncy balls
small jars of play-doh
jump ropes
sidewalk chalk
glow sticks
individual packs of crayons
temporary tattoos

Healthier alternatives to candy could include:
sugar-free gum
Individual bags of popcorn
individual bags of pretzels
GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouches www.gogosqueez.com
Sun Chips single serving bags https://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/sunchips-mix-20-count.html
Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks www.annies.com

Share the Loot

Operation Gratitude sends care packages to our troops overseas.  Have your kids pick out a few favorites to save and then send the remainder.  Be sure to enclose a letter!  Take care of our troops, check it out: www.operationgratitude.com


If you have a participating Dentist in your area, The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program will pay your kids $1.00/pound for their candy and then they will donate it for you to Operation Gratitude.  Check out their website: www.halloweencandybuyback.com

Everyone is a kid on Halloween…enjoy!

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