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Join Raj and Diana each week as they connect you to your guides on the other side.

Our guest on February 13th is Author, Teacher, Medium Emmanuel whose book Bring Forth the Light is available through Balboa press.

Emmanuel has been intuitively, psychically guiding, assisting and bringing forth messages and love from spirit for more than twenty years. He has guided many through regression therapies towards finding self-love and power within.

Between work and home in Boston, Massachusetts and Sedona, Arizona, he and his wife, Elia, travel and enjoy meeting others through life’s journey. They are parents to eight children spread across the country, and grandparents to three wonderful souls to which Emmanuel shares his works of children’s literature.

They are blessed to let their love and light shine through.

The easiest way for me to introduce you to him is to let him do the talking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_8C8yI6e9g

“For many years, I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, until one day I realized I already had. I realized that I was a teacher, medium, and healer. I was a magical storyteller with healing words to shareMay these stories inspire and transform you in amazing and abundant ways. I will always love you.  No matter what.”

Emmanuel can be reached  at https://www.totallyforspirit.com/


February 20th

Julie Geigle

Julie Geigle is an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Archangel Metatron Channel, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist with clinical certification, Transformation Meditation Instructor, Psychic Business Coach, and an Ordained Minister. She also holds a Masters degree in Elementary Education and worked as a school teacher early in her career.

As long as she can remember Julie has been highly sensitive and intuitive. She comes from a long line of psychics all the way back to her great-grandmother who began visiting her from beyond the grave during meditation. Once Julie’s own father passed almost 18 years ago she began to truly embrace her gifts as a psychic medium and works full-time helping others all across the globe with spiritual readings and teachings from beyond.

You can reach Julie at https://www.heavensenthealing.us/

February 27th

Guy Isabel International Psychic Medium  Canadian born Guy Isable – “Gisabel is a spiritual medium, which means he gets communications with highly evolved beings of light through a kind of automatic writing called mechanical. By this gift he has been granted with, he communicates regularly with his guardian angel, spiritual guides, the deads, souls being part of his family of souls in order to receive advices in life and messages of love to transmit to those left behind to relieve their pain, help them moving forward in their incarnations or understand their mission of life. It may also happen that in order to understand a current life, it is useful to obtain information about past lives.  https://www.gisabelspiritualmedium.com/

Join us each week as we explore the Mystery and Magic of life.  Psychic Life and Business Coach Diana Blagdon and Medium Raj Munger on the Hour to Empower.

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