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Susan Rich talked about how it’s done on her  internet radio show with Taylor Ellwood today. Susan is a get-YOU-noticed-now marketing expert, and Taylor works with people who feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the challenges of running their own business. He’s also a social media coach who can help folks get un-stuck, no matter what they’re dealing with.

Taylor also authored two books: Understanding the Social in Social Media and Social Success in Social Media.

Susan has authored two books: Tips for Reluctant Writer and How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter. Susan works with business owners large and small to figure out why they’re not getting the business they deserve, and how to use sales and marketing techniques to grab attention and drive sales. She also offers writing workshops as part of the Write it Rich! series — this is how she teaches YOU to write about your business.

Here’s what they talked about on Get Noticed Now!

Women struggle with feeling competent or “proud” that they are in business for themselves. Why? Because most of us grew up with a role model or an expectation that we should behave a certain way. It doesn’t matter if we agreed with the way it was, most of us simply folded. Unfolding — growing — prospering — hey, it’s all possible.

It’s a story that resonated with Susan — her mom used to be a “housewife” — and then they moved to Arizona and the next thing you knew, Marge was a restaurant owner who created, with zero experience but plenty of grit, a hot spot that thrived for nearly 25 years. The lessons Susan learned from her — bootstrapping your way into success — are what she carries with me today.

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