Ladies Who Inspire today at 2:00 p.m. EST

My guest will be breast cancer surviver Brenda Jones. After what felt like an eternity of tests, scans, mammograms, biopsies and two surgical procedures, Jones began radiation treatment. By that point, she had simply had enough, and she felt angry. “I remember walking in and the staff pointed to a dressing room and said ‘go on in there and put on a hospital gown.'” When she saw the dreary, flimsy gowns in huge piles, she broke down. Tears streaming down her face, she put on two of the gowns (to cover her modesty), put her coat on top and sat feeling miserable in the cold waiting room. “I thought, I’ll make my own gown, a cozy, fun alternative,” and right there in that hospital waiting room, she began to imagine her perfect hospital attire. Brenda is the founder of Hug Wraps!

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