Looking for Love?

Are you still looking for love?
Are you looking to find the right one?
Are you baffled at where to find love?

Stop looking for love.  Stop looking for the right one.

Be the right one.

The universe works like a 401K plan. Your thoughts are matched by the energy of the Universe to create your life. If you are sitting in the energy of searching for someone, you’ll get that matched. You’ll search for a very long time. If you’re waiting for someone, then you’ll wait for a very long time.

Stop it.

I find it odd that love, the highest and most wonderful vibrational energy that exists, is such a mystery to so many people. I find it absolutely astounding that most suffer through relationships that in theory, are supposed to be loving, warm and positive. Yes, there are people, far too many, that are even afraid of love and the subsequent relationship. It is insanity fueled by human fears, at its worst.

What it comes down to, is that you may be looking for love in all the wrong places. You may be looking for it outside of you.  It’s not exterior based. It’s inside of you, your spirit first, before it shows up out there, in the real world. If you love yourself, then you become the right one. You become the one others search for.

What does it take to find love? What does it take to become the right one? It takes you loving yourself in the deepest way, first. And, how do you do that? You let go of fear. It requires the complete absence of fear.

Fear of being vulnerable.
Fear of not being good enough.
Fear of not being love able.

Love does not need seeking. Love needs being-ing. You cannot find love if you feel you don’t have it. You cannot experience it if you don’t love yourself. I am love is the statement to chant daily. This is a different viewpoint than “I need love.”
Once you feel how you are pure love, you can dissolve away, “Love has to be this way.” Love will be any way it comes to you. Let it in.  Stop wasting significant dollars and energy on trying to make topical changes to your impasses in the form of therapy, counseling and negotiating. The systemic changes are in the energy of self -love first.

Our human limitations, coupled by the media, and accentuated by society, tell us otherwise. It takes a strong spiritual and personal evolution to transcend the limitations of the earthly experience. You can. And, when you do, the results are miraculous. Have the courage to take the step forward into the unknown of the spirit to express true love on the earthly plane.

You do not need someone in your life to fulfill you and make you feel valuable. You have to do that first and foremost, by yourself, with yourself. It is only after that happens, that you can and will feel the full effects of being adored, being loved.

Joyce M. Jackson, the Sane Psychic,is Your Guide on the SANE Side. She  is a renowned San Francisco Bay Area based Psychic, Psychic Medium, Huna and Toltec trained Shamanic Practitioner, Usui and Toltec Nagual Reiki Master.She uniquely brings a calm, reassuring message in easy, simple terms for clarity to your life questions. She makes the psychic chaos clear. She delivers guidance with compassion and warmth through her ability to inspire real understanding and transformation to confused by unclear emotions and experiences. Read more and book your personal session with Joyce at The Sane Psychic.

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