March 2014 Guests

March 14, 2014  Clairvoyant Psychic-Medium & author Jeff McBride joins us and shares the story of how he learned to bring manageability to his “slightly out of step with everyone and everything” life through a record breaking body building career holding many titles before he retired from the sport. He has been actively involved in missing person cases and has had roles in movies, commercials and soap operas.  You can find him at He is the author of “Living in 2 Worlds”.  Jeff will join us doing readings.


March 20, 2014  We are welcoming Pam Grout. Pam is the author of 16 books, three plays and a television series.  She writes for People magazine, The Huffington Post and her travel blog  She is the author of E2.  which outlines “Nine do-it yourself energy experiments” that show us how the Universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. You can find out more about Pam and her outside of the box take on life on her website:


March 27, 2014, we are welcoming Psychic-Medium, author of “The other side of the Vail”, hypnotherapist, lecturer and intuitive therapist in Tempe, Arizona.  Her contact information is available at

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