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For the week of January 16, 2012:

  1. Monday: Living the Writing Life – featuring authors Mark Bosnian and Keith Kornell, plus the weekly writing prompt for prizes.
  2. Tuesday: Rich & Gluten-Free – The Singing Patient, Carla Ulbrich, shares how she used song to recover from chronic illness.
  3. Wednesday: Love & Lifestyle – Taffy Wagner shares money tips you should talk about before you get married and Cheese Impresario Barrie Lynn talks about rich, full-fat, full-flavored cheese. Yum…
  4. Thursday: Your Marketing Plan – Call in for your mini marketing makeover – host Susan Rich offers free, get-you-noticed-NOW marketing strategies. This week’s guest is Mari Selby, sharing tips on how to successfully launch anything from book to gadget.
  5. Friday: Potpourri + Retro Kitchen with co-host Annemarie Schuetz – Little House on the Prairie meets modern day living. Positive thinking coach Diane Lang also joins the show.

All shows 11 am ET on the All Women’s Radio Network.

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