Numerologist and Author Sally Faubion – How Numbers Play A BIG Role in Business

TODAY Nov. 13 at 10am (PST) Sally Faubion is a published author and sought-after numerologist with over thirty years of experience. She is frequently called upon by local and national media as an expert in the field of numerology. She is an accomplished speaker both on camera and in front of live audiences. Ms. Faubion has been hired by celebrities, notable corporations, and others for her skills as a personal numerology consultant, lecturer, and entertainer.

Published Author. Sally Faubion is the author of the book Motivational Numerology: How Numbers Affect Your Life (Seven Locks Press, 2001). As a published author, Sally has experience with book publicity, including book signings, speaking at bookstores, and attending book fairs. In addition to her book, Sally wrote the majority of the metaphysical content for Teen Magazine between 1989 and 1999, including a popular numerology column. Ms. Faubion’s successful greeting card line led to the development of greeting cards, posters, and calendars for Portal Publications. Sally also produced metaphysical content for gaming technology companies Activision and Girl Games.

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